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Our Founder: 

Katherine Free

Katherine Free was born in Greenville, NC. She moved away when she was three, as her father’s military career would take her and her family to places such as Texas, California, Arizona, Missouri, and Germany before she would return to her home state to attend college.

Katherine graduated with a BA in Communication Disorders from North Carolina State University and an MA in Speech and Hearing Disorders from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Speech pathology has been God’s gift to Katherine, as it has been and continues to be a profession that she thoroughly enjoys.

Speech pathology has been God’s gift to numerous others as it has been the open door through which Katherine has walked to show and to communicate the love of God to children, adults, and entire families. Her motto is “Growing people…building relationships…changing lives.”

A 2019 graduate of Bill Winston’s Joseph Business School, Katherine will use the knowledge and impartation she received to expand her ministry and to build Kingdom businesses that will eradicate poverty, transform lives, and change the face of healthcare.

Katherine counts it an honor and a privilege to have left house and home in 2012 to embark on what she calls her “Abraham Journey.” With only the belongings that would fit in her SUV, she traveled all across the United States as a traveling speech pathologist to destinations that God would not reveal to her many times until it was time for her to go, and even sometimes until the moment she arrived. She describes herself as a “Forrest Gump missionary,” as God often uses her to run into the spiritual war zone to rescue one person at a time, returning deeper into the war zone with each successive rescue.

Katherine received Jesus at the tender age of eight. When asked if she grew up in church, her response is, “No. I grew up in the Word.” 

Thankful for the way her parents kept her engaged in the Word of God regardless of where they lived or the church they attended, Katherine is known as a woman who is in love with the Lord and enjoys sharing the love of the Lord in everything she does. Katherine is an ordained minister, and with 20 years of ministry experience, has served as a missionary, Bible teacher, discipleship leader, author, and minister of the Gospel.

Katherine received her Jeremiah 1:10 calling 20 years ago as one called to root out, pull down, destroy, and throw down deceptions in people’s lives and to build people up by planting seeds of truth where deception used to dwell. Her assignment is to come alongside individuals and “perfect that which is lacking in [their] faith” according to I Thessalonians 3:10, filling in their faith gaps with the truth of God’s Word. 

As the founder of Discipleship Way™, Katherine is doing just that. Touched by people’s desire for access to interactive, personalized instruction that they can grasp and a practical way to apply that which they have learned, Katherine designed Discipleship Way™ - an online platform where people can come to receive personalized discipleship and accountability services without the fear of embarrassment, judgment, or ridicule.

Discipleship Way™ is a division of God’s Love Song Ministries, of which Katherine is also the founder. God’s Love Song Ministries is a teaching and discipleship ministry assigned to usher people into a deeper relationship with the true heart of Father God, where they can learn to embrace and take ownership of their identity in Christ and thereby walk in the authority they have as a child of God.