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Disciple's Corner Kenya

Welcome to the Consecration Module

(6 Weeks)


Pray the Consecration Prayer every day. 

As time goes on, you may find yourself only praying parts of it that the Lord quickens to you. 

Right now, however, begin by praying the entire prayer every day. This will be our subject/text this season. You can access the prayer here.

Assignments will be posted on Wednesday each week by 5:30 pm EAT / 8:30 am CDT and are due by the following Wednesday at the same time.


Assignment Posted:                                Assignment Due Date:

                                                    Week 1 - Th, Dec. 8th                              Week 1 - Wed. Dec. 14th 

                                                    Week 2 - Th. Dec. 15th                            Week 2 - Wed. Dec. 21st

                                                    Week 3 - Th. Dec. 22nd                          Week 3 - Wed. Dec. 28th

                                                    Week 4 - Th. Dec 3rd                              Week 4 - Wed. Jan. 4th

                                                    Week 5 - Th. Jan. 5th                             Week 5 - Wed. Jan. 11th

                                                    Week 6 - Th. Jan. 6th                             Week 6  Wed. Jan. 18th

Enter the Cohort to access your assignments.

If you do not complete the assignment, you will not receive credit for that week.

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