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Attendance Activity 5

Bring Your Supply!

(What Do You Bring, Part 2)

Instructions: Click the correct answer. Submit assignment once completed. (If the form does not submit properly, take a screenshot and email it to [email protected])

Achieving Victory in Everyday Life and Influencing Others to Do the Same,

Prophetess Katherine

1.According to the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary, "Supply" means to give, to supply, or to furnish.*
2. You have a supply that is unique to you.*
3. It is your responsibility to bring your supply to the corporate gathering.*
4. According to Ephesians 4:16 in The Passion Translation, every believer has been given divine gifts to contribute to the growth of*
5. People need to hear your testimony.*
6. If we aren't in fellowship with God during the week, we don't have much of a supply to bring to the group.*
7. When we bring our expectation and our supply, we will see a release of*
8. When we go to corporate gatherings, we should be a(n) *
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